· We present Assistance, a new service to help importers implement their Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) fast and efficiently supported by highly-qualified staff.

· Complete and permanent follow-up of all Foreign Suppliers and their packing plants to process the documents required to become verified and authorized importers in the USA.

· All the processes and documents kept in a specialized software, with online access to the information of each shipment linked to the growers ID of its Pallet List.

· Process auditing and/or product analysis services at origin for verification actions of producers, as needed, by Fruits Safety SpA, highly-experienced company partnering with Decofrut.

· Help Desk and permanent monitoring of changes in regulations, so that our clients act in accordance with the law and with high standards.
For additional information contact:
Mr. Andrés Valenzuela
E-mail: avalenzuela@fruitonline.com
Phone: +56 2 2658 7474